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For general information contact Sarah Farrell @ 601-638-0186.

First please see our FAQs.

To report leaks or other technical issues, 
please call Will Hubert 
at 601-218-4029.

All meters are the sole property of the Eagle Lake Water District

Owner - $60.00
Renter - $120.00
Commercial - $105.00

Deposit Refund Policy

At the time your account is closed, due to the SALE of your property or you no longer RENT the property, it is the responsibility of the renter or owner to provide a forwarding address for the Meter Deposit to be REFUNDED. The deposit will be refunded after all financial obligations with the district have been met.  If a balance is owed on the account, the deposit will be applied, the difference will then be mailed to the recipient.

If no VALID forwarding address is provided, the deposit refund WILL BE sent to the last address on file with EL.  If returned to EL as “Return to Sender” or “Not Known at This Address” or any other reason noted by the US Postal Service, that refund will be held on the account for approximately one (1) year from the date the account was finalized.  If not claimed after one year, the deposit is forfeited and becomes the property of Eagle Lake Water District.

$30.00 (one-time fee)

All new meters installed must have the necessary paperwork from the Warren County Health Department.  The environmentalist is James Hampton and his phone number is 601-529-1100.

$50.00 if water was off for that address less than 60 days
$300.00 if water was off for that address over 60 days

Water Fees, effective April 1, 2019
Flat Rate: 3,000 gallons, $37.00
Over 3,000 gallons, $7.00 per 1,000 gallons