Eagle Lake Water District
P. O. Box 820037 Vicksburg , MS   39182   
sarahf0717@gmail.com  * 601-638-0186 601-279-4922

    Paul Banchetti, President


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Frequently Asked

For general information contact Sarah Farrell @ 601-638-0186.

First please see our FAQs.

To report leaks or other technical issues, 
please call Will Hubert 
at 601-218-4029.


When do the water bills get mailed?
Water bills are mailed out every month on the last day of each month.

When are the payments due?
The payment for you water bill is due by the 15th of each month.

What are the penalties for a late payment?
If the water bill is not paid by the 15th of the month, the computer automatically generates and adds a 10% late fee to the outstanding balance.

Is Eagle Lake Water a public or private water association?
Eagle Lake Water District is a private association governed by our Board Members that follow our By-Laws.

What part of leaks are homeowner’s responsibilities?
The leaks from the meter to the house are the homeowners’ responsibility.      

What part of the original fees paid is refundable to the customer?
The deposit is the only part of the original fees that is refundable.